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ÒÎP NEWS November 2009



The Sun was generous on the last Sunday of November to the young friends of animals, who under his friendly rays launched AFA Nominations with an action of the Eco-Patrols ‘For an Eco-City’ series. The nomination category for which the patrols will compete requires them to be kind and persuasive, so that messages of the ‘AlVi’ Project for Humane Education reach more Sofioters. The first info Eco-bulletin, which reached, due to the eco-patrols, the owners of dogs, walking their pets in Yuzhen Park (Southern Park), reminded of the good care, which man’s best friend, the dog, deserves. Some dog owners, on Eco-patrols discretion, received Dog’s Health Calender.

  Eco-patrols with Sofia mayor, Yordanka Fandakova, minutes before the start of the “For an Eco-City’ campaign, which starts the BLFA Nominations.
29 November 2009, Yuzhen Park

Sofia newly-elected Mayor congratulated the young Eco-patrols for the responsible mission undertaken: raising awareness for Ethics of non-violence and tolerance. The delivery of the ‘Eco-patrol’ badges personally by the first female mayor will be a kind remembrance for the Eco-patrols from ‘Asen Zlatarov’ Home for Children Deprived of Parental Care from Nadezhda District in Sofia.


AFA will assist the children from Nadezhda to mantle new kennels for the dogs they have rescued. Not long ago kennels made by the children were demolished by order of the principal of the Home. We believe that the young Eco-patrols, aided by AFA will change their principal’s view of animals and nature. A ‘Flying Squad’ action for deworming and inoculation of the dogs in the neighbourhood of the Home will be assisted by the Eco-Patrols.

Sofia Mayor greets children from ‘Asen Zlatarov’, Home for Children Deprived of Parental Care, who take care of stray dogs in their neighbourhood. After ‘Ecoravnovesie’ attempts to destroy the dogs, the children housed/accomodated the dogs in the Home’s yard. 29 November 2009, Yuzhen Park


The Eco-patrols in action in Yuzhen Park.
29 November 2009

‘AlVi’ Project was launched in 2007 under the aegis of the then Sofia Mayor and incumbent Prime Minister, Gen. Boyko Borisov, who planted a Tree of Harmony as a symbol of the efforts to make the world a better place. The ‘Discussion’ section is targeted to younger children, who by the means of music and theatre start their journey through the subtle relationship of man and nature. Every child may join actions under this project, organized by AFA. Those willing to compete for the Prize of the Nominations ‘Biggest Little Friend of Animals’ shall choose the category to compete in:

“Zoo policeman”: an account of a rescue operation for an animal in danger

“Eco-patrol”: largest number of distributed information materials

“Eco-PR”: original coverage of an event organized by AFA

The Nominations Team awaits contestants’ applications from around the country at:


Zhenya Dimitrova – Executive Manager of Nominations and Alexandra – BLFA award winner for 2002.
29 November 2009, Yuzhen Park

BLFA Team will inform all children who have expressed interest by AFA’s website and by personal emails about forthcoming events they may join. More about AFA’s Nominations is available at:

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